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US-9668457-B1: Disjoinable loop to drop waste patent, US-9668899-B2: Rapid exchange sheathless predilatation angioplasty and stent deployment catheter patent, US-9672389-B1: Generic human machine interface for a graphical model patent, US-9673737-B2: Clamp with ceramic electrode patent, US-9675481-B2: Hybrid balloon-expandable/self-expanding prosthesis for deployment in a body vessel and method of making patent, US-9676915-B2: Porous branched/highly branched polyimides patent, US-9677549-B2: Reciprocating pump with electronically monitored air valve and piston patent, US-9678572-B2: Apparatus and method for turning e-book pages in portable terminal patent, US-2017367373-A1: A solution of denatured pea protein, and uses thereof to form microparticles patent, US-9678704-B2: NFC-enabled digital apparatus and method of NFC-based information transmission patent, US-9680105-B2: Hybrid carbon-metal interconnect structures patent, US-9684905-B1: Systems and methods for data verification patent, US-9687141-B2: Laryngoscope with means to restrict re-use of blades patent, US-9687249-B2: Safety connector assembly patent, US-9687290-B2: Energy-based medical devices patent, US-9687685-B1: Device for generating compressed air foam for use in fire suppression patent, US-9688602-B2: Methyl-substituted biphenyl compounds, their production and their use in the manufacture of plasticizers patent, US-9690079-B2: Camera methods and apparatus using optical chain modules which alter the direction of received light patent, US-9691934-B2: Shallow junction photodiode for detecting short wavelength light patent, US-9692892-B2: Trading exchange for local data services patent, US-9694490-B2: Flexibly combinable tool box patent, US-9696633-B2: Substrate handling apparatus and lithographic apparatus patent, US-9701889-B2: Methods for treating siliciclastic hydrocarbon-bearing formations with fluorinated amine oxides patent, US-9703849-B2: Integrating data transform test with data transform tool patent, US-9704732-B2: Apparatuses for bonding semiconductor chips patent, US-9705380-B2: Electric motor equipped with deceleration device patent, US-9707379-B2: Rectal balloon with locking stopper patent, US-9709412-B2: Navigation apparatus, vehicle information display apparatus, and vehicle information display system patent, US-9709449-B2: System and methods for assessing whole-building thermal performance patent, US-9711130-B2: Adaptive noise canceling architecture for a personal audio device patent, US-9711292-B2: Method of manufacturing positive electrode active material for lithium ion battery patent, US-9713648-B2: Weekly dosing regimens for anti-CD30 VC-PAB-MMAE antibody drug-conjugates patent, US-9713993-B2: DC energy transfer apparatus, applications, components, and methods patent, US-9714018-B2: Solenoid valve for brake system patent, US-9715603-B1: Smart card connector patent, US-9718691-B2: Exfoliating-dispersing agents for nanotubes, bundles and fibers patent, US-9719304-B2: Remotely controlled apparatus for downhole applications and methods of operation patent, US-9719672-B1: Method and apparatus for light square assembly patent, US-9720376-B2: Band type electronic device and substrate arrangement method patent, US-9720467-B2: Thermal mitigation adaptation for a mobile electronic device patent, US-9724090-B2: Method and apparatus for attaching soft tissue to bone patent, US-9725366-B2: Inorganic admixtures for mitigating against conversion phenomena in high-alumina cements patent, US-9729300-B2: Method and apparatus for controlling remote transmitting station in wireless communication system patent, US-9730310-B2: Metal-ceramic substrate patent, US-9730775-B2: Bone graft injection device patent, US-9731300-B2: Centrifugal separator with sludge space plates patent, US-9731669-B2: Energy absorbing system patent, US-9732688-B2: System and method for increasing the temperature of a catalyst when an engine is started using model predictive control patent, US-9734639-B2: System and method for monitoring an industrial vehicle patent, US-9734882-B2: Magnetic memory cells with high write current and read stability patent, US-9734906-B2: Multi-function resistance change memory cells and apparatuses including the same patent, US-9736849-B2: Method and apparatus for managing client initiated transmissions in multiple-user communication schemes patent, US-9737214-B2: Wireless monitoring of patient exercise and lifestyle patent, US-9737224-B2: Event alerting through actigraphy embedded within electrocardiographic data patent, US-9737310-B2: Articulating clip applier patent, US-9744584-B2: Hot formed coiling machine patent, US-9745461-B2: Vulcanized polymer blends patent, US-9745550-B2: Synthetic surfaces for culturing stem cell derived cardiomyocytes patent, US-9745896-B2: Systems and methods to control combustion dynamic frequencies based on a compressor discharge temperature patent, US-9746262-B2: Semi-automatic rimfire rifle patent, US-9749235-B2: Packet retransmission patent, US-9751703-B2: Face panels for loading dock seals and shelters patent, US-9753618-B1: Multi-level architecture for dynamically generating interactive program modules patent, US-9754492-B2: Systems and methods for providing sensor-based location proximity detection and notification patent, US-9754820-B2: Three-dimensional memory device containing an aluminum oxide etch stop layer for backside contact structure and method of making thereof patent, US-9756865-B2: Fungal endophytes for improved crop yields and protection from pests patent, US-9756958-B2: Encasement for preventing bed bug escapement via a zipper opening patent, US-9760449-B2: Restoring a point-in-time copy patent, US-9760585-B2: Objectclass versioning patent, US-9763252-B2: Adapting mobile device behavior using predictive mobility patent, US-9764016-B2: Genetic attenuation of Plasmodium by B9 gene disruption patent, US-9765512-B2: Space frame structure patent, US-9765975-B2: Combustion chamber and method for operating a combustion chamber patent, US-9766363-B2: High resolution downhole imaging using signal conversion patent, US-9766645-B2: Energy management system and method patent, US-9767418-B2: Identifying events patent, US-9767700-B1: Control strategy for multiple kites on a single ground power unit patent, US-9769546-B2: Preview image processing using a bundle of preview images patent, US-9769623-B2: Reference based location information for a wireless network patent, US-9772874-B2: Prioritization of transactions based on execution by transactional core with super core indicator patent, US-9772927-B2: User interface for selecting tracing origins for aggregating classes of trace data patent, US-9773148-B2: Display device, driving circuit, method for driving display device, and electronic apparatus patent, US-9777459-B2: Attachment for a skid steer loader and method of use thereof patent, US-9777692-B2: Exhaust purge device for gas internal combustion engine patent, US-9779893-B2: Electronic devices with component mounting structures patent, US-9780389-B2: Fuel cell separator and production method for fuel cell separator patent, US-9782562-B2: Venous insufficiency treatment method patent, US-9786178-B1: Vehicle pedestrian safety system and methods of use and manufacture thereof patent, US-9787371-B2: Method and apparatus for directional channel access in a wireless communications system patent, US-9787777-B2: Methods and apparatus for wireless communications including direct paging in combination with hopped data signaling patent, US-9788539-B2: Platelet protection solution having beta-galactosidase and sialidase inhibitors patent, US-9792946-B2: Patterned media for heat assisted recording patent, US-9794088-B2: On-chip AC coupled receiver with real-time linear baseline-wander compensation patent, US-9796639-B2: Polymer mixing technique patent, US-9798923-B2: System and method for tracking and recognizing people patent, US-9800602-B2: Automated hardening of web page content patent, US-9801079-B2: Method and apparatus for obtaining neighboring cell information patent, US-9803160-B2: Moderately alkaline cleaning compositions for proteinaceous and fatty soil removal at low temperatures patent, US-9803239-B2: Flow cells for high density array chips patent, US-9804732-B2: Method of controlling image forming apparatus through user terminal, and image forming apparatus and user terminal for performing the method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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